Skylights are transparent light transmitting products that are usually installed in roofs to allow direct and/or indirect sunlight into a building envelope. They effectively provide interior occupants with a visual connection to the outdoor environment, creating a visually pleasing space that seems larger and more open than it usually is. Some skylight variations include: 

Fixed unit skylight: A fixed skylight consists of a structural perimeter frame supporting glazing infill (the light-transmitting portion, which is made primarily of glass), which is non-operable providing no ventilation.

Operable skylight: An operable (venting) unit skylight uses a hinged sash attached to and supported by the frame. When within reach of the occupants, this type is also called a roof window.

Retractable skylight: An operable skylight that rolls open on a set of tracks, so the interior of the facility is entirely open to the outdoors (i.e., not impeded by a hinged skylight).

Sloped glazing differs from other “skylights” in that one assembly contains multiple infill panels in a framing system. These are usually designed for a specific project, and installed on site.

New Orleans Glass Company offers skylights by suppliers including:

Southern Walls & Windows

Major Industries – Project: Louis Armstrong Airport Concourse B

Wasco – Project: Cambria Suites Hotel


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